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Our Process

We Take Care of Everything

Solar Foundations provides a full range of services including consultation, engineering and design, permit ready plans, custom component manufacturing and installation services. With your company’s new ground mount structure in place, you simply install the solar panels and remaining infrastructure and the project is complete.


Quote Request

We begin our process by preparing a quote at no cost. Pricing will vary based on several factors such as array configuration, quantity of panels, travel distance, design conditions and other various inputs. By providing more details about your proposed structure, our engineering department can grant a more accurate quote for your ground mount racking project.

Quote Request


Engineering & Design

Our designers work hard to identify any opportunities for overall project cost savings while ensuring every solar array design conforms to each state’s requirements and remains within the tested parameters of each solar component. With both standard and custom array configurations available, we provide you with the tools necessary to make an informed evaluation of design and power output.

Engineering & Design


Installation Scheduling

Solar Foundations works with you to collaborate on providing the most efficient installation date for your racking structure. We typically schedule your installation two to three weeks upon receipt of necessary documentation and accommodate specific project needs. We have the ability to expedite rush installations and because the homeowner does not need to be home at the time of installation, our crews have the ability to seamlessly complete one project and move on to the next.

Installation Scheduling


Project Installation

All installations of our patented products are performed by Solar Foundations’ trained and certified crews. Our crews go through a rigorous training and qualification process to ensure they have the skills necessary to provide best in class service. Standardized crew training ensures your company can expect to receive the same high level of performance regardless of project location or installation crew. Our custom equipment rigs and patented installation equipment gives Solar Foundations the tools necessary to outperform the competition.

Our crews have the ability to install our custom ground screws in any soil conditions by pre-drilling pile locations with a rock auger or actually pre-drilling into solid rock with a custom down the hole hammer. This type of support is typically only available on large commercial projects, but we have developed specialized equipment that can be used cost effectively with smaller residential systems.

Rock Drilling

When you hire Solar Foundations to install your residential or commercial ground mount structure, you are hiring a company with a comprehensive plan that helps your business make cost-conscious decisions that can positively impact the overall price of the entire system. Our process allows for a faster, easier way to obtain an optimized solar ground mount structure for your homeowner or business.

Ready for that first step? Contact Solar Foundations USA for a quote today at no cost.

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