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Quote Request

Our experienced engineers will begin by preparing a quote at no cost. The quote will be based on the specific array configuration in your initial request. If at all possible, we ask that you please use the provided Project Data Sheet when sending the project information as it helps speed up our quoting.

Download Our Project Data Sheet (PDF) Download Our Project Data Sheet (Excel)

Other materials your company may want to include with the Project Data Sheet are site plans, Google Earth images, access paths for SFUSA Installation Crews or array location images. When we design the projects, we look at structure cost optimization and will typically make some alternative configuration recommendations if we think there are cost savings for you, but we can design and build to any specific requirements you may have.

Pricing will vary based on several factors such as array configuration, quantity of panels, travel distance, design conditions and more. It is best to have us quote each project separately as pricing can differ quite a bit based on all of the various inputs. We understand that in order for us to be successful, your company not only needs to be price competitive in the ground mount market, but also be able to offer the best in class ground mount product.

Please send project requests directly to Projects@solarfoundationsusa.com.

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