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Installation Details

Enjoy this time-lapsed video showing a typical residential installation that we completed quickly and efficiently. The following steps were employed in the installation:

  1. Helical pile position layout.
  2. Helical pile installation using our high-speed, custom-designed HP-Drive System. The driver requires only a single operator and provides indication of uplift and bearing capacity, while allowing for multi-axis adjustment of the pile during installation – with no movement of the machine. This yields higher installation rates with greater accuracy than using a conventional excavator or Bobcat, and at a far better cost than installing them yourself.
  3. Establishing required North/South column heights and installation of the North column extensions.
  4. Installation of our custom designed column caps and adjustment of the cap tilt angle.
  5. Installation of the horizontal support beams.
  6. Installation of the wind braces
  7. Mounting of the panel support rails.


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