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Our Team

Michael Zuritis

Michael Zuritis is Head of Product Development and Administration for Solar Foundations USA. With extensive experience in helical pile installation, residential and commercial construction and power plant engineering operations, Michael brings a wealth of practical knowledge and problem-solving abilities to each project. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Nuclear Program, following which he worked at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in Prototype Operations as a Shift Supervisor and then in Facilities Construction, where he was responsible for the execution of site modifications and renovation.

Michael has designed and engineered many of Solar Foundations' unique components based on his practical experience in the field installing over 2,800 systems.


Paul Lapinski
Vice President

Paul Lapinski is both Head of Manufacturing Logistics and oversees Solar Foundations’ Training and Qualification Program for installation crews. He has years of experience in helical pile installation working with Michael Zuritis. After graduating from Temple University, Paul began work in various Production Management positions involving budget control, scheduling, and operations crew management. Prior to founding SFUSA with partner Michael Zuritis, Paul also worked as a Project Consultant for Artec Associates, specializing in the construction of major performing arts venues around the world.

Paul supervises the qualification program for the installers and provides final certification for the crews. He measures program delivery quality, which ensures continuous improvement, maintenance and modification for the training program in order to maintain pace with business growth. Paul is responsible for ensuring every SFUSA crew member can consistently provide the best in class service on every solar array installed.


James Douglas
Director of Engineering

James Douglas is the Director of Engineering for Solar Foundations USA. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Civil Engineering both from Cornell University, James has previous work experience as a Structural Engineer for a NY based AE Firm and as a Project Lead and acting Facilities Design Engineering Manager for Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. He is currently a licensed engineer in 18 states primarily along the east coast.

James is responsible for ensuring every solar array design conforms to each state’s Building Code requirements and remains within the tested design parameters of each solar component. With over 6 years of designing solar arrays, James oversees an Engineering Department that provides complete engineering services with a focus on working with customers to achieve the best value and lowest possible cost per watt basis for each customer’s unique needs.

James oversees every project from beginning to end, including project scheduling, selecting, supervising and deploying the installation teams and the appropriate materials for each job. He works with each crew to make sure every job is handled quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively regardless of project conditions.


Meghan Largo
Communications Director & Assistant Project Manager

Meghan Largo is the Communications Director for Solar Foundations USA. She is a graduate of the University at Albany with a B.S. in Business Administration and an emphasis on Marketing and Management. Meghan began her marketing career at Akullian Creative Enterprises in Albany, NY, working with various clients from dental to IT companies developing brand awareness initiatives, creating print and digital advertisements and executing content marketing strategies.

Meghan is responsible for implementing B2B marketing plans, administering SEO, managing media relations outreach and developing internal publications. She also assists and supports the Engineering Department in developing project designs, communicating with clients to keep them informed about project progress and ensuring timely completion of project installation reports and documentation.


Lisa French, CPA

Lisa French is the Controller for Solar Foundations USA. She is a graduate of Siena College with a B.S. in Business Administration and an emphasis in Accounting. Lisa began her career in public accounting at an accounting firm in Albany, NY with a concentration in the construction and manufacturing industries. This is also when she acquired her Certified Public Accountant license. Lisa furthered her career as an accounting manager with a large, multi-state construction company. From there she pursued her career as a self-employed CPA servicing various companies and individuals with accounting and tax related matters.

Lisa worked with Solar Foundations USA as a consultant for six years prior to coming on-board to head up the Accounting Department. Lisa maintains all areas of accounting for construction, manufacturing and tax aspects for the Company. This includes the establishment and maintenance of cost basis calculations and analysis with an overall review of performance on jobs.


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