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Installation Scheduling

In order to schedule an installation date, Solar Foundations USA will need the following information:

Signed Contract

Solar Foundations always provides a formal contract and stake-out plan with the engineer stamped structural design package. Please sign and return a copy for us in order to install. We will always send a new contract for every revision that has been made to the design.

Miss Utility Notification

Please make sure you call for a mark-out prior to staking out the array when underground utilities are possibly within the work area, that way you can adjust the array position ahead of time.

Solar Foundations will also call in a ticket immediately upon your request to install as most states require all companies working on site to have called in a markout request. By having both our companies begin the markout process right away, we minimize the chance for errors or missed mark-outs.

Site Photos

Site PhotosA site photo showing the four outside corners of the array staked-out is necessary before scheduling the installation. We ask the four main stakes be large in size to avoid any onsite confusion. Please do not use small, metal flags as they tend to get lost or pulled out of the ground easily. We will provide you a stake-out plan to assist in laying out the corners. Solar Foundations will perform the layout of all piles when we install the system.

It is important that you set the two stakes marking the south corners at the orientation you want the array facing. Sometimes you may determine that for aesthetic reasons or possibly due to site setbacks/restrictions, the array will not be aligned perfectly to solar south. Because of this, our field crews will install the array at the orientation you have marked out.

Unique Project Characteristics

Unique conditions for the project need to be addressed prior to having our crews on site. Certain conditions we need to know of ahead of time include but are not limited to the following:

  • Do we need to hold the array level or follow grade?

    • Anytime the site slopes more than 10” over the east-west length of the array, we will slope the array to follow the site contour. If there is ever a reason you need the array held level, you must provide actual grade elevations of the four corners of the array. Without this, we cannot design the system level and will not have the correct product on the equipment trailer when Solar Foundations arrives for the installation.

  • Is the ground mount structure very close to the surrounding property boundaries?

    • There may be a time when you need to align the array to better fit the site conditions. This can be due to numerous circumstances including, but not limited to, the prevention of underground lines being hit, shading issues or following grade outside of the staked-out location. By knowing ahead of time how close the property boundaries are to the array, Solar Foundations has a better chance of moving it correctly on the assigned property.

  • Is there a code restricted maximum height for the array?

  • Are there any specific setback requirements for the proposed array location?

Access Routes

Access RoutesWe need a view of the project site showing our approved access path to get the truck and trailer to the work areas. Our crews will introduce themselves to the homeowner when they arrive on site to make sure they are aware work is commencing and to confirm that they have permission to drive on the property with the truck and trailer.

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