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Open Bay Pavilion Style Canopy

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The SFUSA Solar Pavilion is another versatile structure in our line of carports and canopies that can serve many different purposes for your homeowner or business. There is a growing movement for special-purpose pavilions to create a backyard oasis for family gatherings outdoors. Or to provide employees and visitors with a relaxing seating area all while supporting environmental sustainability.

The pavilion’s open bay design is what sets it apart from Solar Foundations’ Utility Carport and Standard Ground Mount configurations. Each of the four corners of the pavilion consists of three piles spaced in an “L” configuration 2.5' apart. There are several intermediate horizontal braces welded between the outside piles that create rigid corners for strong support. This method allows us to eliminate the diagonal bracing in the middle of the array, creating a space for easy people flow or storage.

Solar Foundations’ galvanized structure is resistant to rust and can withstand high wind speeds and heavy snow loads across the United States. These maintenance-free pavilions are manufactured and installed with precision and built to withstand the test of time.

Our durable design permits the carport system to be installed on uneven ground or in areas that have minor slopes over the entire width of the structure. However, uneven ground can work up to a limit. We still cannot exceed the approximate 10 ft north column height.


  • Provides a minimum clearance height of approximately 8ft at the south edge of the array
  • A typical array tilt for this carport solution is approximately 5 degrees to keep the north posts around a maximum height of 10 ft
  • An abundance of open space
  • Better balance between all of the system components, resulting in fewer ground penetrations
  • Compatible with a wide range of modules
  • High-grade steel fully galvanized in accordance with ASTM standards and high-strength aluminum alloys
  • Allows for mounting panels in four-, five- or six-high in landscape orientation and can be adapted to custom configurations
  • Versatile with many possible uses
SFUSA Solar Pavilion Uses

Covered space for gatherings

Equipment Storage


Picnic Area

Poolside Retreat

General shelter or protection from weather

And more!

The solar modules act as the pavilion roof. While this provides the desired shading and significant protection from rain, the system is not intended to be waterproof. Thus, the pavilion does allow some water and sunlight to pass through the small gaps between the panels.

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