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Rock Drilling

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The foundation installation for ground mount structures can present significant problems to solar installers when they encounter dense soils, rocky soils, or worst case, solid bedrock. Solar Foundations has developed processes and equipment that permit the installation of our patent-pending ground screws in any soil conditions including solid rock. This ensures that a ground mount project won’t be derailed because of driven pile rejection or the need to go to a ballasted system because concrete piers could not be installed. A primary component of our success is that we have designed this equipment to be compact yet powerful enough to meet the specific needs of the residential market. While there are many alternatives to our foundation system and equipment, none provide the breath of capacity with the simplicity of deployment that our systems offer.

With over 2,500 installations along the east coast, we have discovered the best way to identify if there are possible rocky conditions is to ask the homeowner or business about their experience with their property.

  • What has the homeowner found when he/she has dug on the property?
  • Did the homeowner find the property full of rocks and/or highly compacted soil that made it difficult to dig posts for a fence, etc.?
  • Did he/she put in an inground pool or know of a neighbor that put one in that encountered rock ledge that required blasting?
  • Is there any exposed large rock at grade that the salesman can see?

Normally when there is shallow rock ledge (i.e. less than 6 ft down) that requires drilling, the homeowner is well aware of the problem when they built the home or encountered water or septic issues due to poor drainage down through the solid ledge.

By knowing if there is even the slightest chance of our crews hitting rock, we can better prepare for the installation and reduce the risk of having to make another trip with the correct equipment in the future.

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