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Residential Projects

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For most residential systems, we can complete installation in a single day. Solar Foundations has developed patented equipment that permits rapid deployment and single operator pile installation utilizing a compact and lightweight power unit. This allows for the efficient pile installation on residential projects where only a few piles need to be installed. Our quick installation process ensures that your jobs will be completed on time and on budget.

Our pre-production process eliminates variables and aligns all of the components and personnel. A typical residential system requires the following specific information:

  • Job Site Location
  • Solar Panel Model and Quantity
  • Array Tilt Angle
  • Restrictions on Array Configuration
  • Jobsite Restrictions
  • General Soil and Ground Contour Conditions

With the above information, we provide costing and design recommendations for savings utilizing alternative configurations. Once approved, we provide structural drawings and engineering stamps as required.

Our Process

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