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What to Expect When the Installation Crew Arrives on Site

What to Expect When the Installation Crew Arrives on Site

The first step in preparing for a successful installation begins with receiving homeowner buy-in. Educating the homeowner with accurate visuals and presenting the necessary information prior to the crews’ arrival are all critical details in obtaining homeowner approval. One piece of information that needs to be relayed to the homeowner is the type of equipment Solar Foundations uses for the installation of the ground mount. This is important because it can directly affect the homeowners’ property and the scheduled time of installation.

What type of equipment is being used on site?

  1. Full-size pickup truck
  2. 22’ trailer
  3. Track driven mini skid steer

Solar Foundations’ crews bring a full-size pickup truck and 22’ trailer (48’ combined length) to the worksite.

What should the homeowner expect with this equipment?

In order to install the array piles, SFUSA needs to maneuver the rubber tracked mini skid steer within and around the array location. The homeowner needs to be aware that there will likely be some lawn damage that per the contract, SF would be looking for the solar company to address at the same time the trenchwork is being done. The mini skid steer may create tracks, and the truck and trailer may leave tire tracks/ruts in the lawn depending on local conditions.

How do local conditions affect Solar Foundations’ installation capabilities?

Solar Foundations installs all-year-round, including the dead of winter. The added benefit of working in the colder weather is taking advantage of the frozen ground as it reduces any lawn damage from the equipment and helps ensure the installation crew has access to the work area. Please note that any snow accumulation greater than 3 or 4 inches would need to be cleared prior to crew arrival.

Tying Everything Together

All of these details determine the following:

  • When to schedule the installation
    • Solar Foundations installs all-year-round, so if your homeowner is very particular with his/her lawn, installing when the ground is frozen and firm is recommended.
    • Solar Foundations’ Project Managers keep an eye on the weather and will contact the solar company if the conditions are going to be disruptive to the site.
  • Whether or not the full-size pickup truck and trailer can access the work site
    • Sometimes the above is not possible and Solar Foundations needs to know ahead of time and budget for laborers to carry the product (usually several thousand pounds) from the truck location to the work area.
    • A view of the project site showing an approved access path to get the truck and trailer to the work area is requested. Solar Foundations’ crews will introduce themselves to the homeowner when they arrive on site to make sure he/she is aware work is commencing and to confirm that they have permission to drive on the property with the truck and trailer.

For more information on Solar Foundations’ installation process, contact Solar Foundations USA by calling (855) 738-7200 or email info@solarfoundationsusa.com.

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