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SFUSA Expands Into Texas

SFUSA Expands Into Texas

Solar Foundations USA is pleased to announce the expansion of installation services into the state of Texas. SFUSA covers the entire east coast from Maine to Florida, a portion of the Midwestern region, and now the Lone Star State!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the solar incentives are no exception with the help of some of the strongest sunshine in the country. There has been a dramatic increase in the installation of residential solar systems across Texas over the last few years as the state’s economy continues to grow. This is also in part to the generous incentives and rebates currently available. Between the federal solar tax credit, state property tax exemption, and local solar rebate programs, going solar in the Lone Star State can save your customers thousands of dollars on their electric bills during the next few decades. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) ranked Texas as 3rd in solar installations compared to the rest of the country in 2019 and they continue to stay strong in 2020 as 4th in the nation.

* Visit https://www.txsolarpower.org/resources/ and https://www.seia.org/state-solar-policy/texas-solar for additional resources on Texas incentives and credits.

Solar Foundations’ new trained and certified crews from the Houston area further enable the company’s cost-effective ground mount racking structures to be installed in the state of Texas by providing local inventory and installation support.

What does Solar Foundations’ package include?

  • Engineering
    • SFUSA provides a stamped structural design package for the project which can be used in obtaining permits
    • A certified foundation installation report is provided after the ground mount structure has been installed
  • Installation of the piles and structural steel
  • Installation of the racking components
  • Solar Foundations USA includes all of the required panel mounting hardware and grounding products for the panels and rails

With your new ground mount structure in place, you simply mount the panels and run the wires to complete the system. Explore Our Process page for more information regarding Solar Foundations' services.

Watch an SFUSA Residential Installation

Does your company have an upcoming project in our existing or expanded service territory?

If so, please email a completed Project Data Sheet, Helioscope (or similar), or an existing site plan directly to Projects@solarfoundationsusa.com for a quote. If you would like to schedule a conference call or Zoom meeting to discuss your project needs, please set a time on our Calendly page that is convenient for you!

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