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Black Panel Hardware Now Available

Black Panel Hardware Now Available

Solar Foundations’ aluminum End Clamps and Mid Clamps are now available with a Black Anodized finish, along with SFUSA’s stainless steel K-Lock Nuts available with a Black Oxide finish for protection against corrosion and sleek appearance.

What type of anodizing is used to achieve the black finish on the aluminum End Clamps and Mid Clamps?

The Electrolytic Two-Step Anodizing Process, also knowns as Architectural Anodizing, is used to achieve the fade resistant black finish on our End Clamps and Mid Clamps. This involves first anodizing the product followed by an electrolytic coloring of the product resulting in a much superior finish than standard anodizing with organic dyes.

The anodizing step occurs in an acid electrolyte bath with an electrical current flowing through it. This results in a controlled oxidation of the aluminum surface.

After anodizing is complete, the product is immersed in an inorganic metal salt bath. As an electric current is again applied, the metal salts oxidize in the aluminum pores to achieve the desired color. Following coloring, the aluminum is sealed to close the porous aluminum.

What is the Black Oxide process for SFUSA’s stainless-steel K-Lock Nuts?

Black Oxide is a chemical conversion process resulting in the formation of black iron oxide, magnetite (Fe3O4), on the surface of the steel. The coating is produced in a hot oxide bath by a chemical reaction between the iron on the surface of the steel and an alkaline aqueous salt solution. This finishing process provides for the passivation of the stainless steel resulting in a surface condition which is resistant to corrosive action.

How do I request this panel hardware for my next ground mount project?

Please specify in the Project Data Sheetthe description in the request email or in your company’s plan sets that you would like the black panel hardware for installation. Solar Foundations will include the price of the black hardware in the initial quote.

Download our Project Data Sheet

What are the benefits to the Electrolytic Two-Step Anodizing Process and the Black Oxide Conversion Coating?


While there are cheaper options available, SFUSA chose the most advanced processes in the industry to provide you with the highest valued product on the market. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product offerings and ensure a 10 YEAR FADE RESISTANCE WARRANTY on all of our black panel hardware.


SFUSA’s black anodized End Clamps and Mid Clamps are exceptionally resistant to fading and will last in very high UV environments. The color stability of electrolytic two-step and black oxide processes are unmatched by any other similar available processes.


The anodizing process creates a durable coating that offers long-lasting resistance to abrasion and does not chip or peel. Black oxide can only be removed by mechanically or chemically removing the finish itself, so the finish will not chip, peel or flake.

What is the additional cost?

  • Black Mid Clamp w/ Black K-Lock Nut adds $0.75/unit
  • Black End Clamp w/ Black K-Lock Nut adds $0.85/unit

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